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ZenQ Core Fashion Design (ZenQ) is a fashion designer house and a clothing boutique and its main services are designing, sowing and selling of high end men’s and women’s fashion clothes. Our designer clothes are artistic and poetic with esteemed craftsmanship and workmanship. Making designer clothes is art to us and it evolves and yet maintains its soul.

We sell contentment and connection with the client’s core. The common value of respect and authenticity are our critical success factors.

The strategic direction of the company is paved under the enthusistic, dynamic leadership of youth together with the visionary advisory insight and nurturing flair of a woman coupled with 30 years creative flair of a french head designer.

Fashion that allows you to enjoy your essence. Be present.

We work with different fabrics ranging from heavy leather and highly textured, up to delicate silks, flowy, metallic, soft, sheer, lace and fabrics. We pay attention to fabric weight and composition.  The style of our designer clothing ranges from fresh, edgy, poignant, dainty, dynamic, funky to euro-Afrocentric with illustrated, artistic, structured patterns, culminating into a vintage or modern inspired look.

Even though the focus is on clothing right now, ZenQ is also looking to design and produce shoes and handbags in the near future.

ZenQ Core Fashion Design also offers a personal style assessment which helps the customers determine the appropriate styles for their personality along with tips on what clothing works well for their style personality and figure.  They keep the clients profile and give a personalised shopping experience.

We design, manufacture, produce and distribute clothes.  We are involved in raw materials handling though fabric sourcing and selections, and we bring these to the manufacturing workshop to deliver on the design specifications.  It is here that the patterns are constructed, fabrics are cut, trimmed and made into wearable products. We do tailor made and ready to wear clothes, which we retail through our retail shop which is currently a boutique in Park View Shopping Centre, Shop G65, Pretoria.

We honour diversity by fusing cultures in a respectful manner and thus weaving nations together across cultural divides and coming up with mixed cultural fashion themes. Our main slogan “clothes with a voice” encapsulates this theme. Trends change and emphasis shifts instantly and we are able to anticipate these changes in trends and reflect on them, without losing the cornerstone of our artistic flair, which is grounded on authenticity and style.  We do not compromise on our innate creativity. We tell stories through our garments and commemorate certain social themes such as survival, victory, liberation and freedom, especially for women who are sometimes silently dealing with emotional pain and societal stereotypes that calls for them to be always covered in reassurance, peace and a sense of hope. We exist to remind people of their greatness.

The process of getting designer clothes ready is as follows:

1. The customer decides that they need an outfit.

2. They get measurements or visit the store to get the measurements taken. Call ZenQ on the contact details provided to make arrangements.

3. Choose from ZenQ’s style guide selection and then work closely with the fashion designer to create their own specific design, or bring own sketch, and work with the fashion designer to finalise it with specific details.

Pattern making and cutting. Diligently constructing fashionable, stylish garments.

4. ZenQ helps the customer decide on the fabric that is best suited for the design they have selected.

5. ZenQ listens to the customer regarding their budget, talk about the cost for the specific outfit and send the customer the final quote.

6. Bring the fabric or just a sample or choose from the existing fabric in the store or alternatively ZenQ sources the fabric, based on the fabric sample provided by the customer. Plain fabrics are easily sourced but fabrics with patterns are not readily available and as such it is advised for the customer to bring their own.

7. There is an option to go with ZenQ personnel to shop for the fabric.

8. The customer is informed once the fabric is ready and available to be seen.

9. If not already decided during the first consultation, the customer is now sent the final costs for the garment to sign off.

10. ZenQ proceeds to cut the garment and the seamstresses put it all together.

11. The customer is required to come for a first fitting after which, any necessary alterations are done.

12. The customer then comes for the final fitting if necessary.

13. Finally, collect the outfit and be ready to Adorn your core.

ZenQ listens to the customer and creates a profile that helps them to engage in the design of the garments.   The customer is asked to provide some basic information as part of the process.

ZenQ Core Fashion Designs. Clothes with a voice.
Fashion where your core is your ore..... Poetic clothing expressions.


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