Face of the Brand

The overall brand personality of ZenQ aspires to be simple yet modern, Afrocentric, stylish and chic. It is fashion designing that lets your core speak out who you are in style. The customers experience couture extraordinaire. The designer clothes are made to individual specifications and creatively constructed to match the individual’s fashion personality, body type and shape. Our designer clothes are created for all occasions. Each design honours who the individual is. The emphasis is on them enjoying their essence, being present, oozing the greatness within them and letting the clothes speak without saying a word.

Our branding is imaged around authenticity. Being true to your Core and honouring diversity by fusing cultures in a respectful manner and thus weaving nations together across cultural divides and coming up with coloured culture and this is all expressed through modern styles in our designer clothes. Our slogan “Let your Core speak out who you are in style” encapsulates this theme. We remind people of their greatness. We sell a sense of being honoured and we do not put “you” as a customer in a box size but create clothes that fit “you”, just “you”. Adorn your core is also about acknowledging that your core is your Ore and must be adorned in royal robes. “Your” designs are royal to “you” in their simplicity or glamorous nature. Our designs allow “you” to exude “your” inner Core and essence.

These designs are modern, stylish, afrocentric and chic and they say to the customer “be present”.


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